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Residential house - an edifice designed for long, measured in decades, the period of operation. Preservation of the house should be given serious consideration.
Durability is determined at home, mainly lifetime walls, since the remaining part of it from time to time may be replaced entirely or partially restored. In that case, whether the wall can not be restored, repaired, house irrationally.
In a wooden building, its parts wear out almost simultaneously with the walls.
To prolong the life of the house and separate structures should be rationally exploited and timely repair parts of it.
At close, and respect life at home can be significantly increased. One of the main reasons for the destruction of some parts of the house is damp. It destroys the wood structure, causing its decay, the development of house fungus.
Dampness also promotes the destruction of a brick or cinder block masonry with occasional freezing and thawing.

Depending on the causes of dampness can be:
• Condensation,
• from groundwater.

-Built dampness caused by the presence of moisture in the wall materials, masonry and plaster, clay lubricated rolling. Source of moisture could be precipitation, which took place in a time when the House has not yet been brought under the roof.
To reduce the moisture-built complex solutions should be used with a reduced amount of water, dried construction details to avoid overlapping clay lubricant, apply a dry plaster instead of the usual. In case this is not possible, you should resort to artificial drying at home.
Artificial drying of the house can be made as a result of enhanced heating and ventilation in the first year of operation.
Condensation dampness occurs in homes with inadequate heat-shielding properties of external barriers in buildings with high relative humidity (greater than 60%), indoor air, as well as with walls impermeable to release vapors from them, what happens in the dense exterior plasters.
Measures to combat condensation dampness, as well as-built, are regular and adequate heating, ventilation increased at home and a ban on washing and drying clothes in his room.
Dampness from groundwater generally occurs as a result of not carefully laying the waterproofing layer in the basement of a brick or cinder block houses. Subsequent correction of this defect is very difficult, therefore, waterproofing basement walls during construction the developer should pay special attention. When wood moisture 25-35% and temperatures from 15 to 25 ° C are favorable conditions for the development of house fungus that can completely destroy the timber for two to three months.

In order to prevent the occurrence of house fungus should be avoided:
• irregular hearth furnaces and inadequate ventilation of the premises;
• cluttering the cold outer corner of the house cabinets, chests and other items that violate the free circulation of air;
• Washing and drying clothes inside the house;
• careless maintenance of sanitary equipment (toilets, sinks), causing their contamination and pouring water on the floor;
• Leaving open skylights in the attic in the rainy season and winter, and cluttering up the attic with various objects;
• untimely snow removal from roofs, especially in front of him melting;
• delays in opening and sealing produhov in the basement at home.

In that case, if the house-fungus has developed and destroyed the wood, deeply affected the material lost mechanical strength, should be removed and burned. Material, affected only the surface should be cleaned and subjected to careful antiseptirovaniyu.
Stone walls in places of contiguity timber thoroughly burn with a blowtorch and antiseptiruyug spraying. If struck by a fungus Brownie wood in contact with plaster, it is removed and replaced with a new one.
Furthermore brownie fungus, wood destroyed by various insect pests (bark beetles, house-grinder, house-barbel).
On the wooden structures there are small round or oval holes 1-2 mm in diameter, from which poured a yellow powder.
Wood pests, you need to spray atomizer or spray of a solution of sodium fluoride in an amount that provides good wetting of wood infested with pests.
Proper use at home is impossible without the periodical thorough examination of it, providing timely and eliminate the phenomenon of emerging defects. Such an examination is necessary to expose all the available parts of the house.
Signs of damage to the foundation are the violations of the integrity of the cap and walls. Failure of foundations found various injuries in the walls and basement (cracks, buckling of the wall surface, the local precipitation of walls, the deviations from their vertical buckling caps wooden walls).

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