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Leader of the construction of houses in Ukraine
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Pre-project preparation
Project work
Construction work
Facility management

Construction work

Phase of construction installation works

Construction (especially the construction of brick houses), repairing and finishing houses not only requires a deep knowledge of construction techniques, but also the rich years of experience. Only a coordinated, cohesive and long joint work team wide variety of specialties can perform these tasks so that even after two and twenty years later, the object is not will present no surprises.

- Preparatory Phase (arrangement of temporary fences, external communication, etc.)
- Zero cycle
- Installation of foundation
- The device is a monolithic frame buildings and floors
- Rafter system and the roof
- Entry doors, windows, doors
- Installation of internal engineering networks
- Installation of intra-and outdoor communications
- Exterior painting and decorating
- Territory
- Interior finishing work
Wooden Houses
Along with the choice of style, layout, location of your holiday home, you will be no less important, the choice of material for construction.
House of foam blocks
Water supply of foam blocks
Brick houses
What is a house of bricks
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