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Selection of the site, legal training

What is important to know when choosing a site for construction.

Site selection - this is the first step in building a house. Where to start? What to look out for when choosing land? Talk about it further.
First of all, you have to determine the price and location. The closer the plot is located to the city, so he naturally is more expensive.
Further to determine the area necessary for you site. Choose a site should be based on a total area of ​​the house you want to build on it. It is believed that the most successful ratio of 1:10. That is, for example, to build a house of 150 sq.m. optimum will be a 15-hectare plot. But this is not essential and depends on what you want to see on the free part of the site.
Pay attention to the location of the site around the world. Not paying attention to this aspect, we can eventually build a house with all the windows on the north side. Best direction - it's east and southeast.
Next ... What do you want to see around your site? We are talking about neighborhoods and the most ecologically clean areas. Woods, ponds, fields - all of which can both contribute to and interfere with a comfortable stay. We recommend you pay attention to it.

So, if you decide to purchase the land - we are happy to provide you with the most qualified help

- Consultations of our experts in choosing the site for construction
- Analysis of future development area
- Analysis of the transport infrastructure
- Analysis of the physical infrastructure (the ability to connect to the object of utilities). It is essential to gasification site, water, ground water level. Keep in mind that the construction of houses - it is primarily an engineering problem, and only secondarily - the question of architectural style and decor.
Wooden Houses
Along with the choice of style, layout, location of your holiday home, you will be no less important, the choice of material for construction.
House of foam blocks
Water supply of foam blocks
Brick houses
What is a house of bricks
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